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Friday, October 10, 2014

Haris Khan Becomes Youngest Mobile App Developer in the World

Haris Khan has become the youngest App developer of the world at the age of 10 Years. Haris khan being of Pakistani ethnicity belongs to Ireland. Irish newspaper reported that Haris khan's game "Supper soccer Kicks" is available on App Store and it perfectly works on iPad,iPhone and iPod touch. The game has been downloaded around 400 Times since its launch in February 2014. Haris has being working on many other games and apps and more apps are getting ready to be launched soon. His game ‘Super Soccer Kicks’ is available on Apple’s App Store and works on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Haris’s family moved to Ireland from Germany in 2008. His father Mubarak works for Apple and his mother Kiran is a graphic designer. Haris was passed down this talent from his parents. He is fond of sports and technology and according to his interest, he has developed a fun game. According to Irish newspapers Haris Khan is already working on developing more games and apps for smartphone users. It has been approved so many times that Pakistanis are so much talented. There is need to provide them opportunities and platforms where they can bring their hidden potentials out. They should be encouraged and motivated to continue their efforts.