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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Javed Khan A Forensic Expert

1999 - In search of Pakistani talent, CP were reviewing different subjects all over the globe. A list of Pakistanis specialized in different field was provided by Prof Dr Mohammad Afzal from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The list was reviewed and a unique subject of "Forensic" was selected.
Mr Javed Khan was picked from the list and was contacted through e-mail. After few e-mails he responded in a very positive way. The field of "Forensic" is a very vast which covers physical and chemical evidence and had many branches such as analysis of control substances, toxicology, serology, traces, alcohol, DNA, ballistics, cledestive laboratory investigation, crime scene investigation etc etc. The specialization of Mr. Javed Khan is Toxicology, controlled substances and DNA. He is working with US Crime Laboratory in Riverside, USA. would like to thanks Mr. Javed Khan for his first ever Interview on the Internet. We are proud of you !