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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pakistani IT professional, has won mBillionth Award South Asia for his Online Pastho Dictionary

Abdul Muqsit Khan a talented Professional Pakistani Software Engineer a UAE based won mBillionth Award South Asia for the development of online Pashto Dictionary. Anyone can use from his website . The ceremony for getting this award held in New Delhi but Abdul Muqsit Khan not attend this event due to Visa Problem from Indian Government.
This type of awards are given to the telecom and Mobile Content application development.
He prove his capability of Software Engineering and his passion for his country.
The dictionary currently has more than 15,000 words along with grammatical descriptions of the words, and has the option of users registering themselves to help add more words. When typing a word in the search bar, a dropbox appears giving suggestions of words closer to the one you are typing.
After translating a word from Pashto to English, a bar appears at the bottom giving more similar words to search for. On clicking a word in Pashto after the translation is done, it presents users with more meanings of the word.
This Pashto Dictionary has three ways of searching first text box for English to Pashto/Phonetics. Second text box for Phonetics for Pashto/English. The third text box is used for Pashto to English/Phonetics search. Also they provide you Grammar, Phonetics and Pashto Scripts. The Pashto Phonetics keyboard is integrated in the third text box in order to search Pashto words without installing any third party keyboard.This stand-alone dictionary has 16,000 Pashto words. If you want more search depth then alternatively search its online website. is a dynamic and user-friendly Pashto-English & English-Pashto dictionary has more than 16K words facilitated with all-round grammatical descriptions.