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Saturday, October 25, 2014

SAAD HAROON has reached the FINALS and is representing PAKISTAN in the Funniest Person In The World Competition

Saad Haroon is a standup comedian, improviser, director, scriptwriter and producer who created Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe, named Blackfish. Blackfish was hugely successful and performed for many years, also participating and representing Pakistan in Contacting the World, an international theatre festival in Manchester, England.
Saad then went on to create Pakistan’s first English language comedy show on television by the name of The Real News. The show was a mix of Political and Social satire and was one of the first comedy shows in Pakistan to be shot in front of a live studio audience.
Side by side his successful television show, Saad produced his country’s first standup comedy tour named Saad Haroon: Very live! The tour was also filmed and made into a television show, which included interviews with Pakistan’s top comedians including Anwer Maqsood, Behroz Sabzwari, Faisal Qureshi and Bushra Ansari.

Saad then trained a new improvisational comedy troupe by the name of Shark, which went on to perform long form improvisational comedy for the first time in Pakistan, also touring the country to great reviews.
In 2009, Saad released his second standup comedy show entitled “This is Standup comedy” and for the following two years he performed the show locally and internationally. He filmed this tour as well, interviewing international comedians such as Aasif Mandvi, Dean Obeidallah, Shazia Mirza and Azhar Usman, making a new weekly comedy show which is also was released as a weekly web show.
Saad now frequently travels across the world, performing and collaborating with other artists. He has represented Pakistan in various events and festivals including ‘Contacting the World’ Professional Development Program, the ‘International Festival of Emerging Artists’ and will be featured in ‘Centre Stage’ touring the United States of America in 2012.
Presently, Saad Haroon just finished a stand-up and improvisational comedy tour of 16 universities in Pakistan under the banner of Sprite’s ‘University of Freshology’. At the moment, he is working on a brand new standup comedy show and regularly teaches the art of improvisational comedy, does corporate shows, produces television and web content and has no idea what is around the corner.