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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Youngest IT Security Specialist Muhammad Huzair Awan

Banners sporting snapshots of the allegedly youngest Microsoft certified computer specialist are splashed around the humble locality of Lahore’s Nabi Park area. One of the residents, Muhammad Huzair Awan, 7, scored highly on a certification exam.
It has been a week since the shy third-grader, cleared his Microsoft Certification exam.
While Huzair is to receive his official certificate from Microsoft by mid-July, he has received his scores. The Microsoft exam taken by Huzair tests the installation of programmes, upgrading and migrating to Windows 7, configuring hardware and applications, configuring network connectivity, configuring mobile computing amongst other computing tasks.
“I like computers,” says Huzair. “No one in my class likes computers.”
He reveals that his most prized possession is his laptop, which was gifted by his father last year. “He does not let anyone touch his laptop,” says his grandmother who initially was very concerned about the child spending so much time using it.