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Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Youngest MCT

March 2002 - I was looking around on the internet for a possible candidate to interview for Contact Pakistan (CP). While surfing, I happened to see a letter written to President of Pakistan for sponsorship by a young college student Bilal Iqbal of Islamabad. In his letter, he had mentioned about his record of being the World’s Youngest to hold various Computer/IT Related Certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, CIW and BrainBench. He had also mentioned about his record of being the only one in Pakistan to hold some of the certifications like CompTIA Linux+ etc. I read the letter couple of times and realized that the kid was a great achiever but had not been given a deserving coverage and support by the Government of Pakistan and Microsoft etc. I decided to contact, and requested him for an interview. I sent Bilal Iqbal an e-mail and mentioned my intentions. The offer was gladly accepted by Bilal with open heart and we decided the time and date for the interview on net.
Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan