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Sunday, November 16, 2014

5-year-old genius Pakistani Child passes Microsoft Certified Professional exam

5-year-old genius Ayan Qureshi from Coventry, UK, has become the world's youngest qualified computer specialist.          
Ayan Qureshi passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam - seen as a vital qualification for IT experts - with flying colours.
The gifted schoolboy was just five years and 11 months old when he passed the test - smashing the previous record of six and a half.
Microsoft's stringent exam is normally taken by adults after they graduate from university because it is so highly regarded by employers.
Ayan almost missed out on the chance to sit the test because shocked invigilators wrongly thought he was too young.
Officials from Birmingham University had to put in a call to Microsoft's American HQ to check if he was allowed to sit the exam.
The talented youngster eventually completed it in well under the time limit of two hours. 

A schoolboy has become the world's youngest qualified computer specialist after passing a Microsoft Windows exam at the age of just five.
Ayan Qureshi has only just started primary school, but passed the test at Birmingham City University to become a Microsoft Certified Professional.
In doing so he has set a new world record for the youngest person ever to pass a Microsoft exam - at the age of five years and 11 months, beating the previous record held by six-year-old Mehroz Yawar from Pakistan.