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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Young Pakistani wins big 3 titles at World Youth Scrabble Championship in France

The Young generation of Pakistan win the major titles of World Youth Scrabble Championship in France in different categories. Mr. Monis Khan win the under 10 championship in World Youth Scrabble.
Mr. Imaad Ali who is only 11 yrs old wins under 12 Champion & Encouragement Award, and was the youngest in top 25 and Hasham Hadi Khan bagged under 14 champion title respectively at the 2016 World Youth Scrabble Championship (WYSC) in Lille, France. The Pakistani Team also finished as the second best team of the tournament leaving behind Team Sri Lanka. They had already qualified for the World Scrabble Championship which has already begun on the 31st of August.
Some other titles includes Shoaib Sanaullah’s highest score award of 158 in a single move with the word BASCINET and national champion Waseem Khatri also won the side tournament for the seniors with 13 wins out of 17 rounds. Pakistan Scrabble Association Youth Director Tariq Pervaiz is hopeful that Pakistan will likely get a chance to host the International Tournament soon because of their amazing performance at World Youth Scrabble Championship every year.