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Thursday, September 21, 2017

ADEEL SAMI Pakistani Blogger

He runs his blog of his name called ““.
His career started in 2010, he said he was just doing fun at that time with blogging, but things changed he gain a lot interest in blogging and started blogging again with the domain name of his name.
He is really aged blogger 😛

He really loves to help newbies with his skills and providing some Professional Articles in his website.
You should follow him! He is a nice guy!

ABDUL SAMAD ESSANI Pakistani Blogger

You might be thinking that why I’m featuring myself here?

As I mentioned that this is the most updated list and you’ll get to know mostly all the bloggers who are Professional in this Pakistan, so here it comes my name.

I’ve recently featured on Online Ustaad as a top 7th Professional Blogger of Pakistan, so I thought to add myself here too, as I deserve.

Well, let’s start it from 2013 when I was 12 years old.

A kid who was searching for games and got to know about Blogger platform.

The age I started blogging was the age when kids even think to buy a computer, I know.

Blogging wasn’t easy for me at that time as I didn’t knew how to speak English.

But my desire was BIG, I always wanted to become something in my life.

From the day I came to blogging, something (you can say my inner soul) was saying me that this is the thing you’re always wanted to become.

I’m really enjoying blogging, everyday my desire to learn new things in blogging is the reason I’m featured here and on many Top blogs, Alhamdullilah!

The consistency is my real success – Abdul Samad Essani

In my career, I have seen many Top-notch bloggers who are nowhere.

I’ve never Gave Up that’s why I’m here today and giving seminars to the people in the Pakistan, Alhamdullilah!

I’ll continue as a Blogger and I’ll die as a Blogger, Insha’Allah!


ALI RAZA Pakistani Blogger

Ali is an Entrepreneur who knows very well that how to convert visitors into lifetime customers.

He is Google and Microsoft advertising professional with loads of experience in online field.

He is currently working with many big companies with his skills and sharing his experience with us on his professional blog called ““.

He is nice guy who always ready to help newbies in online field with his blog.

He is also know as “Digital Marketing Consultant”.

He owns an agency called ““.

He invited in many seminars in Lahore big universities like Nest, LUMS, etc.

If you want to succeed then you should follow his professional articles, I can say that his 1 word = 100 words.

AMMAR ALI Pakistani Blogger

He started thinking to create a blog from his High School but he was not that sure about what he should blog about but he always wanted to make one.

His career started in 2011 when he created his very first blog on Blogger Platform on a sub-domain after learning great about blogging on 1st December 2011 he created his professional blog called “All Blogging Tips” where he educate others with his blogging skills.

You should really follow his blogs because his only focus is on teaching others, the skills he have.

He really love to help newbies in the online world.

He is making Pakistan proud by doing such great efforts.

HASSAM AHMAD AWAN Pakistani Blogger

I can say he is really a great and humble guy, who really never ever neglect anyone to help.

He provide quality articles for readers (especially newbies).

He is working hard for his blog called “Bloggingehow“.

Apart from his blog he also do Vlogging on his YouTube Channel where he help newbies by making Video Tutorials for free, If you can’t read that big much articles then I suggest you to subscribe his channel and watch his every guide.

He love to do gym as well, and doing blog about it too called “All Day Body Building”.

If you’re body building fan, and wanted to build a great body then you should follow his great blog of body building!


SYED FAIZAN ALI Pakistani Blogger

Syed Faizan teach blogging to the world with his blog called “My Blogger Lab“.

His blogging career started in 2012 with MBL, when he was 16 years old only.

He really an inspiration for teenager blogger like me.

He is providing every possible information in blogging with MBL, and provide really useful stuff with his blog.

Later he started also in 2012 for providing Free Blogger Templates to us.

I want to say whenever it comes to templates of blogger the only thing come to my mind is Templateism!

He is really changing Blogger Platform by his tutorials, free resources, templates and much more!

I want to say that he is most talented and most genius guy, really!

AAMIR IQBAL Pakistan Blogger

Aamir Iqbal mostly known as “SEO Guru” is from Multan, Pakistan.

Let me start from his Childhood.

His childhood was of so much fun.

He didn’t loved to go school 😛

He loved to play cricket, video games and was the naughty boy at that time.

His Career:

In starting he was having a hobby as he was VB Developer, he made much software on Visual Basic and using the internet.

Doing research was not his hobby but was his mania.

This was the reason he came to blogging.

He started his career with his friend, they never knew that what will be their future but they know only one thing and that was “They want to make loads of money“.

He started his online career back in 2006-2007, and in the age of 22-23 years.

When he started his parents was not with him, infact his relatives told that he is wasting time.

A kid can know Understand that he is in this field from 10+ years it means he is a world of knowledge.

He came to the people back in 2010-11 when he created Group called “Pakistani SEO & Bloggers” where he mostly do Webinars from the knowledge and experience he was having.

He started Aamir Iqbal Online after the huge success of his group and now he is sharing his knowledge to the world by his main blog.

He mostly write case studies and write e-books to help newbies as he did in the past years.


MI MUBA Pakistani Blogger

Mi Muba belongs from a small town of Thar, Pakistan.

He did matriculation under a tree from Government School.

After doing Intermediate, he shifted to Karachi, Pakistan on 1990.

He is working when he was 15 years old.

For doing E.Com he quit his Job and took admission in the University of Karachi.

Doing studies was a tough job for him as he was having some financial issues at that but he never gave up and started giving institutions to continue his studies.

After completing his M.Com, he moved to the Mirpurkhas, Pakistan with his family and got the job as journalist.

His life changed here, he got the job to write NGO’s two blogs.

In the meantime, he started his own blog too called “” and made a living online from this blog.

After learning 3 years and after having so much knowledge about blogging, he started to teach people to make a living online like he did on “Be A Money Blogger“.

He so far written 1K+ posts on the topic of Blogging, SEO, Making Money etc. and featured on many great blogs. i.e: Shoutmeloud etc.

ABDUL WALI Pakistani Blogger

Abdul Wali teach blogging in Urdu/Hindi to his readers, and has many fans/followers in Pakistan.

His story is something that is really motivating and I can say that Hard Work really Pays Off!

He started working at the age of 7 in Peshawar for earning his family, he never went to School, College or University because unawareness of education.

Later, on 2010 his family moved to Karachi.

He started selling fruits and vegetables in Karachi.

After that he started selling Biryani (Pakistani food) for almost 7 years he sold Biryani at the Bus Stop.

In 2008, he bought mobile shop and got to know about using computer, his friend teach him that how to use computer and many basics of computer and internet.

This was his very first opportunity to learn something big for himself, So he taken admission in Institute of English near his area, after sometime he sold out his shop and went to Peshawar due to some reasons (Don’t know about it).

But after coming back to Karachi he was only having few thousand rupees in his pocket and he have to feed his family.

In the days of his joblessness he used to sit in his friend’s mobile shop as his friend was very new and he always request him to sit with him.

Once he was alone in the shop and he was using computer.

He found in one of the folder that How to make money online?, He read all 8-9 Pages which was in Urdu, after that he got very much excited and feel that his dream can really come true.

After some time, with the help of his friend he bought an Internet Cafe, He researched very deeply about making money online on Google and YouTube daily and started his first blog on Blogger Platform which was of Cricket niche and now things was getting changed.

He got Google AdSense approve and earned his very first 117$ from his blog.

It’s just like dream comes true!

Next month he got 136$ and after many months he finally got his first achievement of 1000$.

In 2011, he started to teach blogging in Urdu to Urdu users like him because he never got such useful courses online in Urdu.

He shared his knowledge which he knew at that time in a form of Video Tutorials.

People learned very much from his courses and gave him so much respect and love for his courses.

He later improved his presentation skills, his video and audio quality too.

After sometime his channel became most popular in Pakistan & India.

Later he started making courses in English to teach People on Udemy and other online academies and You can’t believe that A Biryani Seller, A Toy Seller, A Fruit Seller earned One Crore from his courses.

Really he made Pakistan proud.

I must say that you can too earn this big amount by just doing good kind of hard work.

So work harder you’ll surely become expert one day. That’s all!



Mohammad is the first and only among Top Pakistani Professional Bloggers who is really a good and friendly guy, always ready to help newbie bloggers and never neglect me to help.

His career started back in 2008 when he found STC network, The first registered company of Pakistan which pays regular Income TAX.

His one of the famous website is “My Blogger Tricks” where he teach about blogging to newbies around the globe and it’s one of the best Google Blogger publisher blog.

He launched his 2nd blog later in 2012 called “Smart Earning Methods” which is based on earning money online.

After his second blog in 2013 he launched his 3rd blog called “Rich Income Ways” which inspire thousands of people daily.

His story is really inspiring, A boy who completed A Levels and after that wanted to study on US but just because of getting VISA disqualification he started writing blogs for getting rid of growing depression but his life changed, he never knew how he became Entrepreneur!

Know more about him by reading his interview on my blog : Interview Of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.

I went to his seminar too, have a look at it’s highlights: Eureka Seminar.

By his works and dedication, He is really making Pakistan proud who owns a registered company 🙂

I recently shared his views on my previous post too : Become Professional Blogger – Read Views Of Professionals.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shehryar Munawar Appointed as a Brand Ambassador for Huawei

Huawei has signed with the young and vibrant Pakistani heart-throb – Shehryar Munawar, to redefine the future with their dual lens camera.

With its newly released Honor 6x Huawei containing a dual lens 12MP + 2MP rear camera you can capture life’s magical moments in the highest definition to empower your inner photographer.
With the advent of technology, we have developed an innate system to capture and document our lives from the day a child is born and throughout his life. These pictures are like a highlight reel of our lives giving us a trip down memory lane or something to smile about.
The true revolution in the era of documentation came with the arrival of the smartphone camera, which was handy and always available. Coupled with the rapid progress of social media, this has tuned users to continually click and capture. Hence a camera is undeniably the most important factor while purchasing a smartphone for almost all users. Camera features and quality can make or break a smartphone for a major segment of consumers. Huawei being a pioneer in technology, is determined to keep upgrading and treating customers with innovative options and cutting-edge technology.

Huawei started with the introduction to dual-lens cameras in the industry which was preceded by a partnership with the world leading international photography brand; Leica Cameras. Now, raising its benchmark, Huawei has yet again come up with an ingenious campaign that will give its customers ‘double the experience’ in their smartphone photography.
Shehryar Munawar is a famous actor, model and film producer, who has worked with Huawei in the past as a brand ambassador as well. Shehryar’s charasmatic personality, as well as the ability of picking out-of-the-box projects, blends perfectly with Huawei’s DNA of keeping users up-to-date with the latest smartphone technology in all aspects, from revolutionary design to one-of-a-kind tech features.
Huawei is committed to deliver exceptional services to the rapidly expanding segment of smartphone users in Pakistan, who seek powerful global connectivity and info-tainment, round-the-clock, on-the-go. To stay updated about this campaign and others, you can follow Huawei’s Facebook and Instagram page.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pakistan-American’s AI Company Set for $2 Billion IPO

Founded by a Pakistani-American, Afiniti, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of applied artificial intelligence, is on the verge of going public with a $2 billion valuation.

Meet Zia Chishti – Founder and CEO of Afiniti

Zia Chishti, the current Chairman of the Board and CEO of Afiniti, founded the company back in 2009. Although he was born in the United States, Zia spent most of his young life in Pakistan. He returned to the United States for a Bachelors degree in Economics and Computer Science from Columbia University and also holds an MBA from Stanford University.
An exceptionally successful businessman, Zia has made his mark on several other companies as well before founding Afiniti. Before Afiniti, he founded Align Technology, a medical device technology company, in 1997.
As the Chairman and CEO at Align, he led the startup to over a $1 billion valuation. The company is also a major source of employment for Pakistanis and employed over 700 Pakistanis at the company’s offices in Lahore, Pakistan, during Chishti’s tenure.

Afiniti IPO

Afiniti works on artificial intelligence programs to pair callers and agents based on their behavior. They use big data analytics to analyze customer data from third parties and internal client data to provide a detailed view of individual customers and agents.
With a total of 150 programs around the globe, the company analyzes 400,000 calls on average per day. Some of their biggest clients include Vodafone, Virgin Media, T-Mobile US Inc., and Sprint.
Bloomberg reports that the company is currently considering an initial public offering (IPO). People at Afiniti reportedly believe that an IPO will help them raise funds, allowing them to further boost their growth.
The company has potential to have one of the largest enterprise software IPOs in recent years.
Sources, who asked to remain anonymous, have revealed that Afiniti could be ready to sell shares to the public as soon as this year. For now, they are deliberating over selling 20 to 30 percent of shares on a $2 billion valuation.
Just a few days ago, we covered a story about Tariq Farid— the owner and CEO of Edible Arrangements which is worth over half a billion dollars today. A serial entrepreneur, Zia is another successful business from Pakistan proving his mettle in the business world.
Source— Bloomberg

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

British-Pakistani Doctor Will Invest £15 Million to Renovate Hospital in Multan

Dr Mohammed Aslam Nasir, well known in the medical circles for the invention of the I-Gel, is going to invest £15 Million for the renovation of Nishtar hospital in Multan.

Dr. Nasir happened to visit Nishtar hospital after 30 years when his father became ill and was admitted. The condition of the institute, which he had graduated from before he moved to the UK, shocked him. Commenting on its state, he said that the hospital was overcrowded with patients lying on the floor and the infrastructure had suffered a lot over the years as well.

Detailing his renovation plan, Dr. Nasir said,

”We plan to start renovation from one side of the hospital e.g. from the A&E and then ward by ward with minimal interruption to the routine function of the Nishtar hospital.

We plan to renovate all rooms, wards, offices, corridors, staircases, toilets, windows, doors etc and fix damages internally and externally. We will install new Flooring and paintwork, will provide new beds and nursing stations and of course AC units.”

Overseas Pakistani Doctors’ Efforts
Dr. Nasir is already in touch with his friends and fellow doctors to raise money for the hospital. He said that overseas Pakistani doctors are heavily invested in Pakistan. They either try to send machinery or medicines to Pakistan through various means in an effort to give something back to their home country.

He requested the government to build a platform to ease the process and do it under a well thought-out strategy.

About I-Gel
Dr. Nasir is the inventor of the revolutionary I-Gel, which is a supraglottic airway device. It allows a patient to breathe through a gel-based tube and is used primarily for resuscitation and anesthesia. It is safer than other similar devices, which can cause trauma and damage the wind-pipe. It’s estimated that an I-Gel is used 5 times every minute on average in more than 90 countries across the world.

Via Geo News

Monday, January 9, 2017

MUST Students Launch Pakistan’s First Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving cars are all the rage these days. Google is making them, BMW is on it, Tesla has launched one, Ford is coming up and several others are jumping on the bandwagon. Matching these large enterprises and conglomerates, Pakistani students have developed their own self-driving car.

Students from Mirpur University of Science and Information Technology’s (MUST) CS & IT department have developed a self-driving car under the leadership of Professor Dr. Muaz Niazi and Assistant Professor Faisal Riaz. The project was undertaken under the banner of Intelligent Transport Lab, MUST.

EMO – Prototype

The developers are calling it EMO and it’s the first prototype developed over a period of 2 and a half years at a cost of Rs. 0.6 million. The team claims they had to receive funding from several sources including their own university and the students and staff also had to invest their own money in the project.
The car was showcased at the MUST Olympiad 2017 and was inaugurated by the famous Atomic Scientist Dr. Samar Mubarak. The scientist hopes that this car can go mainstream and car companies invest in this car technology.
EMO is actually an acronym for the dual-seater car and stands for Emotions Enabled Autonomous Vehicle. The research teams says that unlike others developing autonomous cars, their car uses a human inspired design allowing the car to make cognitive decisions based on emotional cues.
The prototype is already running and the team claims it has the following features to boot:
  • Google Maps based mapping system. Also used to drive the car around
  • Car control using an attached tablet
  • Passenger Communication System
  • 360 degree Field of View using long and short range sonars
  • Emotions Inspired Collision Avoidance
  • Vehicle-2-Infrastrure Communication
  • Vehicle-2-Vehicle Communication System
  • Auto-Accident Reporting
The car’s hardware was designed locally and internationally while its software has been coded at ITS lab. The team plans to incorporate security features into the car as well.

Promo Video

The car’s promo video has been released by the research team. Take a look at the video below to see the car in action:

Research Team

The research team, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Muaz Niazi and Assistant Professor Faisal Riaz, behind the project comprised of 12 students.

Final Words

We would like to congratulate the team on this marvelous feat considering the lack of resources and funding. Matching up with international giants is a feat in itself. This also goes on to show the potential of Pakistani students when they are assisted by the right individuals and given a proper platform.
While the car is still just a prototype and lacks some major components which prevent it from being road legal, we certainly hope the team can continue the work and launch a final project ready for Pakistani roads. Let’s hope these cars become the norm so that accidents become a distant memory.